Enzo Paolozza and Eric Pun met in 1988. Enzo had just returned from San Diego
where he managed the engineering department for a large design build contracting
firm. Eric emigrated from Hong Kong having worked as a project manager in the largest
building services contracting firm in the region. This contracting experience
and cost conscious approach formed the backbone of their design philosophy. Our
office started with four employees and has now grown to twenty four with five
professional engineers on staff and an additional three applying this year.

We are constantly exploring new technologies in order to provide our clients with
designs which ultimately reduce both capital and maintenance costs. Our engineering
process is based on efficient strategies with minimal safety factors and very little
oversizing of systems. Confidence in our expertise and experience allows us to produce
designs that are not only energy efficient but cost effective.

We also have the added benefit of extensive knowledge gained through our affiliated
design build company which specializes in energy retrofit and building modernization.
Investigation of existing buildings allows us to see firsthand what works and what
doesn’t work in the real world. This experience ensures the best possible equipment and
materials are selected with a proven track record. Reliability and longevity are the
foundation of our design criteria. This has also helped us to become a leading player
in the promotion of LEED and green building design.

54 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit 200
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1G5 Canada